Project Ignite from Autodesk

I have had students working with I set up a classroom on there. Students have been working their way through the set: Let’s Learn Circuits.

As they have done so, I made some checkpoints.Here they are. Students needed coaching to get their schematics simplified without a bunch of crossing lines. Some students switched the bulb off by shorting the battery. This did not make an exploding battery in 123D circuits as I wished.

For the second checkpoint, students had to learn to put the Multimeter in series and set it to Current.

The 3rd checkpoint has a worksheet to go with it. It takes a bit of Algebra. Some student have not taken Algebra yet. Here is the worksheet: LetsLearnCircuitsResistors

Some students who could not do the computer part, were able to make the circuit on a breadboard.

Great success with the breadboards.

Now I have to enter into my gradebook, who made it through the checkpoints.

  1. In Lesson 2
    1. Show me on your screen that you have made a circuit with a switch that turns a light on and off.
    2. Clean up the Schematic as needed in the schematic view.
    3. Sketch the schematic in your notebook. Show me.
  2. In Lesson 4
    1. Show me your circuit with the LED, the resistor, and the multi-meter measuring the current.
    2. Sketch the schematic in your notebook. (Clean up the sketch in the schematic view if it helps.)
    3. Make the circuit with actual bulbs, resistor, battery, and multi-meter on a breadboard. (Hint: The multi-meter must be connected in series. The bulb should only light when the multi-meter is connected. You are measuring current so the entire current has to go through the multi-meter.)
  3. In Lesson 5 (There is a worksheet to go with this one. The instructions are also on the worksheet.
    1. Set up the resistors and the multi-meter as shown in Lesson 5. One pair of resistors is in parallel, the other pair is in series.
    2. Sketch the circuit on the worksheet and then do the Algebra to find the combined resistances. If you like, you can check your answer by setting the resistors to the values shown on the worksheet and take the readings from the multimeters in 123D circuits.
    3. Turn in this worksheet.
  4. In Lesson 5 part 8
    1. Determine the answers to parts 1, 2, and 3. Part 4 is challenging. Try it.
    2. For at least 1, 2, and 3. Show your Algebra work in your notebook. Use a separate page. Show Mr. Monley.

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