Band Saws continued

I made an extensive power point for explaining the workings of a band saw including use and safety. Showed this to students in class. Then I made a multiple choice and short written response quiz on Moodle so they could test on-line. Haven’t scored the tests yet.

Meanwhile I am one by one having them practice and demonstrate the use of the band-saw with me at their side. I have gotten through 6 of 24 students. I have them practice on a mock band saw first so they learn not to twist the blade. Most students get it. A few have not and at least one of them twisted the mock band saw hard enough to bend the blade. I have thought of making a mock band maze where they have to get a pre-cut path pushed along a blade with out touching the edges. That can be an electrical circuit with a buzzer. The edges of the cut will be lined with copper tape so that if the blade touches, it will set off the buzzer. A successful trial will be getting through the whole path without setting off the buzzer.

I have a sub today. I left instructions for the students to begin their marble mazes. They will eventually be stacked one above the other so students need to identify the entry and exit points on their maze boards. They then draw their maze out and trace it on tracing paper. They will be gluing their tracing paper cut-outs onto some MDF to cut the maze paths on the bandsaws. This will afford them a low-consequence opportunity to hone their band-saw skills.

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