About Geo

My name is Geo Monley. My given name was John J. Monley. I changed my first name to “Geo” decades ago as I followed the works of Buckminster Fuller who, among many other things, invented the geodesic dome. I have been making things and tinkering with things all my life. I am lucky to have the wonderful space at Tamalpais High School to share my love of making with teenagers and adults.

I live in Mill Valley California and am on the faculty of Tamalpais High School. I teach Woodworking, Architectural Design, Engineering Design, and Mathematics to adolescents. I also run an adult woodworking program at the High School through TUHSD Community Education.

While our Woodshop is known for being in great shape, I am slowly transforming it into a Maker Space with capacities well beyond woodworking.

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