About Geo

My name is Geo Monley. My given name was John Joseph Monley. I changed my first name to “Geo” decades ago as I followed the works of Buckminster Fuller who, among many other things, invented the geodesic dome. I have been making things and tinkering with things all my life. 

I live in Mill Valley California near the Mill Valley/Sausalito Multi-use Path. I was on the faculty of Tamalpais High School for 17 years where I taught Woodworking, Architectural Design, Engineering Design, and Mathematics.  For 12 years, I ran woodworking and maker programs at the Tam Woodshop/Makerspace for adults through the Community Education Program. During my time at Tam, I put in about 2000 volunteer hours to outfit the Woodshop/Makerspace.

I am currently building a public service organization, Tam Makers. Our aim is to make maker activities available to people throughout Marin County.Credentials


  • California Teaching Credential in Mathematics (since 2001)
  • California Teaching Credential in Industrial and Applied Technology (since 2007)
  • Licensed California General Building Contractor (since 1980)

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