GRO Box Show

In the Gallery Route One Box Show, 150 artists, all start with the same simple pine boxes. Weeks later, they return incredible works of art.

Here is what I have done with my boxes:

2021: Daemon Reveal

2020: Antibody

2019: We’ll Get Fru-it

2018: The Swimming Hole

Here is a The Swimming Hole I used to build this.

2017: Bowl with shavings.

I took the box apart, glued the pieces together, put it on a wood lathe and turned a bowl with a lid.

2016: Les Puzzle

I disassembled the box, cut it into 3 smaller boxes, then carved it into puzzle pieces on the laser cutter. My wife, Meryl, found interesting art work from an old french woodworking book. The boxes were partly assembled and the carpenter is cutting a puzzle piece from his own box.

2015: Just the Box (and glue)

I am very proud of this one. I sliced the box into 5 nesting boxes, they cut them up on the laser cutter into a sort of lattice work, using the cut-out pieces to connect and augment the whole sculpture. In the image below, you see it on display at the box show. I bid against other people and paid $220 to win it back.