Mill Valley Centennial Blocks

I directed a project for Sustainable Mill Valley to present at the Mill Valley Centennial Festivities in September 2000. We made a large version of a common children’s puzzle comprising 12 small blocks which shows 6 different images when assembled depending on which side of the blocks that is showing. We used 24 inch cardboard cubes. Local artists including Steve Coleman and Beverly Mayeri painted the images on the blocks. Meryl Rubenstein scripted and choreographed the stories and movements for showing off the blocks.

The 6 faces of the blocks, when assembled, depicted the following scenes:

  • The Ecological Footprint of Mill Valley
  • A Sequoia Sempervirens
  • The Mill Valley watershed
  • A landscape of Mill Valley
  • A ring of alternative ideas for transportation and housing.
  • (One other image which I do not recall)

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